What is the No Pay, No Play law in Alaska? What happens if both parties in an accident are uninsured?

I got into a car accident. I am not insured and neither is the other driver. The other driver is saying that I can be sued by them if I don’t get their truck fixed. They are also saying I can be charged as a felon if I don’t fix their truck. Is this possible? I don’t understand how they could sue if I don’t have insurance and neither do they.

Feb 17, 2020 Bethel, AK

Kristine Lee

Feb 17, 2020

Unless you were under the influence, drove recklessly, acted with intent, or fled the scene in a hit-and-run, I don't necessarily think you could be charged for a felony if you've been cooperative.

However, a suit could be filed against you for damages. Regardless of both parties' insurance status, if you were at fault for the accident and the other party can prove this, then you need to pay for the damages caused. Legally, the No Pay, No Play law dictates that the other driver would be limited in the amount they receive — even as the not-at-fault driver — because they were uninsured at the time. I recommend getting legal help if this situation continues to escalate. 

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