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What’s the cheapest company for a 60 year old man with a DUI

I’m looking for a cheap company for my recent DUI conviction as well as a company that I can bundle my home and auto with if it helps lower my premium. I’m 60 and have a credit score of 680.

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

Because car insurance companies and through extension your insurance premium are incredibly specific, it’s impossible for me to give you the exact company that is the cheapest. However, through our analysis here, we see that Liberty Mutual tends to be the cheapest company for a DUI conviction, all other metrics consistent. Bear in mind, as we said, our model is an average of the entire US and not representative of you. So, take our recommendation with a grain of salt and compare with as many different companies as possible. In terms of which companies are the best for bundling, there are too many variables to give you an estimate. Your best bet is to compare with as many car insurance companies as possible and look for bundling options. Most major carriers have home and auto insurance. Best of luck.

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