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What’s the difference between a mobile and manufactured home?

I plan on selling my home and either getting an Airstream/mobile home or something cheaper. I’ve done some research and there seems to be some difference between these types of homes and what kind of insurance you need to get. Does it matter in terms of insurance?

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Ava Lynch

Insurance is designed to respond to risk, and the difference between these homes present different kinds of risk. Here’s a handy breakdown of how insurance companies view mobile and manufactured homes.

  • Manufactured: The only real difference between manufactured and mobile homes is a technical definition – most insurance companies consider them identical.
  • Mobile: Are movable and never include more than one story.
  • Modular: They sit on a foundation that is more physically similar to a permanent structure. Because of this, some insurance companies often underwrite modular homes as a regular homeowners policy.

So, the type of insurance you’ll get is dependent on the type of home it’s classified under. Airstreams would be more of an RV-type of insurance. For more information on mobile homes, see here.

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