When do I have to pay my deductible

Do I have to pay a deductible if my vehicle isn't damaged but their's is? I was getting out of my car in a parking lot and opened my door right as someone pulled into the empty spot beside me. My door left a a scrape and dent on their door, but my door was completely fine. Will I have to pay my deductible even though my car doesn't need repairs?

Jun 24, 2018 San Antonio, TX

Ava Lynch

Jun 24, 2018

Simply put, no. Your deductible only applies to your car through your collision and comprehensive coverage. If the other driver is claiming you're the at-fault party in this accident, I would contact your insurance company. To me, this sounds like something that needs the help of a claims adjuster to determine - rather than the individuals at the scene. Many times, the vehicle that was in motion will actually be held liable for the damage as they need to be in control of their vehicle at all times. If you are determined to be at fault, it would be a liability claim where a deductible doesn't apply. For more resources on handling the claims process, see our additional resources here: Filing a claim and all the necessary information you will need.

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