Why did my car insurance double?

I moved to a new state almost a year ago. I notified my insurance company almost immediately after the move but never got the vehicle titled or registered in my new state. My insurance actually went down with the new policy being created. However, after 6 months the policy came up for renewal and the price jumped from around $55 to over $120.

I can't get a clear answer why, but very recently did get a response that my vehicle history information, such as prior damage, theft, or title issues, has impacted my premium. Now I suspect that it is due to not registering and titling my vehicle in my current state of residence. Is this likely?

Nov 4, 2020 Tulsa, OK

Ross Martin

Nov 4, 2020

It's possible that you may be incurring a surcharge for the out-of-state vehicle, but I don't know any company that currently employs this practice. However, the vehicle history you mentioned can change your rates. Your agent should be able to tell you why the rate changed so drastically. I would also try another call to that company to see if you can get a straight answer on why the rate doubled from one term to the next. 

You might consider this a good time to shop for a new policy altogether. The Zebra is a great place to compare rates from a number of different carriers. This can also help you see if your current company is giving you a fair price. 

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