Why is my ex's accident following me around in my insurance quotes?

I am shopping around for a car and insurance. I was in an accident in Dec 2015. My ex was in an accident in Dec 2016. He put his name on the next car. He did not pay for the vehicle and it was auctioned off. He was driving without insurance because he didn't pay. His accident is on the quote I just got and is following me around? He is now getting a car and insurance. Will his accident go with him or does it stay with me? It seems unfair if I have to pay for it with a higher premium.

Jan 30, 2020 Boston, MA

Kristine Lee

Jan 30, 2020

Claims tend to be attached to the driver that was at fault. If you were the policyholder at the time, some companies will see this and still charge you for that at their discretion. Every company looks at these reports a little differently. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to make sure your insurer marked the correct drivers for any events that occurred.


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