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Why does my wife need to be added to my policy if she doesn’t drive?

My wife is trying to get her license it the DMV here in NC says her name has to be on the insurance policy when I call my insurance company. She dont have a driver’s license yet so how can they expect her to have a license # to be added on the insurance policy?

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Ava Lynch
You should be able to add your wife as a driver to the policy with a state ID for now. Most companies give you 30-60 days to provide your new license information. Check with your current carrier and if they will not allow it then we can quote you with several companies at once at The Zebra or you can give us a call at 833-768-7789. We have many that will be able to add her with an ID number. Good luck and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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