Will my 21 year old son get a better rate if he is added to my auto insurance policy?

He used to be on his dad's insurance policy but was removed after he moved back to my house. He has good credit and a clean driving record, but all the quotes he has gotten for his own policy are extremely high. If I add him to my insurance, will his part of the premium be less than a policy on his own?

Aug 7, 2017 Livonia, MI

Neil Richardson

Aug 7, 2017

While Michigan does charge a $170 fee for each insured vehicle, most insurance companies offer a discount for insuring multiple vehicles under the same policy. In addition to that discount, you may also qualify for discounts that he would not get on his own. There is no guaranty that he would pay less by being added to your policy, but it is a definite possibility. Quoting changes to your policy should not cost anything so it is probably worth contacting your insurance provider to see how much he and his vehicle would impact your rate if they were added.

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