Will my boat insurance policy cover a passenger falling overboard?

I purchased a boat a few months back in hopes of taking it out this summer with my friends. Since most of my friends like to drink while on the lake, I'm worried about passengers falling overboard. If someone hurts themselves by falling out of my boat, will my boat policy cover them?

May 30, 2017 Horseshoe Bay, TX

Neil Richardson

May 30, 2017

The answer will depend on the coverage you currently have on your policy. There are two instances where boat insurance would cover an injury to a passenger caused from falling overboard. If your policy includes medical coverage, your passenger's medical bills should be covered up to the limit on your policy. If your passenger is injured and your policy does not have additional medical coverage, that person would need to sue you to have their bills covered. In that event, the liability portion of your boat policy would be the coverage that applies for their injuries. That being said, most friends don't want to have to sue each other and this can be avoided simply by adding medical coverage to your policy. You should even have the option to remove that coverage during the time of year when your boat isn't in use so you aren't paying for additional coverage when it isn't necessary. It's a good idea to check your boat policy or contact your agent before you take your boat to the lake for the first time to avoid any gaps in your coverage.

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