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Will my bodily injury be covered in Louisiana if I’m uninsured and hit by an at-fault driver?

I was rear-ended and had to go to the hospital after the accident. I don’t have car insurance, but I was not at fault. Will I still get paid for my injuries?

Agent Answer

Neil Richardson

Louisiana places major penalties on drivers involved in an accident while uninsured. If you are uninsured at the time of an accident, even while not at fault, you are not eligible to claim the first $15,000 of bodily injury or the first $25,000 in property damage. You are only eligible to recover liability payments if your medical bills exceed $15,000 in bodily injury or you experience property damage above $25,000. An example: If your medical bills are $20,000 after an accident where you are uninsured, you could recover only $5,000 from the total amount. If your bills are less than $15,000 then you can not recover anything.

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