Will my car insurance cover me after a theft

Somebody break into my car. I try to to file a claim but the employee told me I won’t get anything should I still get progressive insurance? They stole, my license plate, stereo, speaker and break my passenger class window and progressive won’t help me with anything?

May 14, 2018 Des Moines, IA

Ava Lynch

May 14, 2018

It really depends on the nature of your coverage. If you have comprehensive coverage, the damage to your vehicle and speakers can be covered. However, you would have to pay your deductible and you might have policy limitations for your electronics. I would give Progressive a call and let them know what has happened and see what, if any, coverage you have. If you have other items stolen that aren't related to the vehicle, but are still your personal belongings, they wouldn't be covered by your car insurance. Instead, these would fall under your renters or homeowners policy. Again, there would be a deductible and policy limitations. But, those are really your only options for coverage in this situation; comprehensive or renters/homeowners. Either way, I would call your insurance companies as well as the DMV to get the process moving for a new license plate. Best of luck.

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