Will Erie reinstate my policy after non-payment?

I have had Erie for 31 years..2 home owners and also auto...I recently overlooked paying my auto insurance and didn't realize it had a cancellation date for Dec 9...By the time i realized i hadn't paid it I went online Jan 9 and paid the amount showing due...payment cleared my bank so I thought i was ok. Now i just found out from the main erie corporate that i paid 1 day past the 30 days period where they could reinstated me...I need to ask my personal Erie office if they can help reinstate me or worse scenario rewrite the you think there is a chance for reinstatement...i have had no accidents ever or claims...and never had a cancellation prior

Jan 18, 2018 Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Ava Lynch

Jan 18, 2018

It's very likely they will reinstate your policy if you pay the amount past due and any potential fees associated with the cancellation. Because each company has their own administrative rules regarding reinstatement, it's very likely for you to be able to get your policy active again.

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