Will full coverage apply if my son's girlfriend wrecked my car?

I loaned my son my vehicle for work and he went to jail. He gave his girlfriend the keys for her to return it to me, but she kept my car and trashed it. The police claim that it's a civil matter and that I may have to file an extortion report. Will my insurance cover the repairs?

Nov 5, 2020 Santa Cruz, CA

Ross Martin

Nov 5, 2020

Sorry to hear about your situation. It will be up to your insurance carrier. If the damage was caused by your son, it's likely that it would be covered under permissive use. However, since it was given to someone else they may not allow it to be covered. Your best option would be to call your current insurance carrier and speak with the claims department to see if anything is able to be done. Otherwise, the courts may be your best option. 

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