Will I get my license taken away for driving without insurance in ga?

My car insurance was cancelled because I could not pay it. I figured if I drove carefully, I would be okay. Well, I got ticketed for a tag suspension and not wearing a seatbelt. Because of the tag problem and my lack of insurance, my vehicle was towed. Later, I got insurance and my tag reinstated and my car out of the lot. I have a court date for the ticket next Monday. What is going to happen? Can my license be suspended or am I going to get fines?

Jun 7, 2018 Gainseville, GA

Ava Lynch

Jun 7, 2018

Driving without insurance in any state is a pretty serious offense but the consequences can vary. You could face up to $185 in fines and a year in jail (unlikely for your case). In terms of having your license suspended, that is a very probable consequence. Moreover, driving with a suspended tag as well as a lack of insurance is considered a misdemeanor. For your first offense, I would expect around $100 in fees and to have your license suspended as well as your registration suspended for at least 60 days. When you go to court, make sure you bring the proof of insurance you recently received, as this will help show you're currently insured. Best of luck. Going forward, I would expect your car insurance rates to be higher as well. If you find yourself in need of an SR22 after your license is suspended, give us a call at (888) 255-4364 and we can get you insured. For more information regarding SR22's, see our guide here.

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