Will my insurance company pay me directly for a claim?

I backed into a pole and dented my car. Should I file a claim? And if I do and I own my vehicle, will the insurance company pay me directly? I feel that I can get the car repaired for less than the estimate and I'd like to keep some of the money.

Feb 13, 2017 Louisville, KY

Neil Richardson

Feb 13, 2017

Unless your vehicle was totaled, the insurance company normally pays the repair facility directly after you pay your collision deductible. You would have to speak with them about making other arrangements for the claim payout. As far as whether or not you should file a claim? That decision is completely up to you, but the claim would be considered an at-fault accident since yours was the only vehicle involved. In Kentucky, at-fault accidents increase rates by an average of $917 per year and the accident will affect your rate for at least 3 years. If the repair costs are more than $2751 ($917x3) then it would make sense to file a claim. If the total is less than that amount then you might consider paying for the repairs out of pocket.

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