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Will the insurance company total my truck?

A friend clipped the front drivers side of my 1996 S-10, he has insurance. I am wondering if the ins. co. will total my truck. I don’t want my truck to be totaled, but I do want it fixed. I don’t know if it would be over the ins. co.’s worth of my truck. It was spotless until this. I don’t know what to do. He has called his ins. co., I think I am going to get screwed on this, what do you say?

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

It’s difficult to say what any insurance company will do. But insurance company tend to total a vehicle if they repair cost (determined through an adjuster) is greater than the value of the vehicle (actual cash value, not what you paid for it). What you could do, however, is settle the damages between you and your friend – rather than involving any insurance company. If you take a payout from the insurance company and use it to repair the vehicle, they might consider the vehicle to be “salvaged” which could have insurance impacts and future value of the vehicle.

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