Will my insurance company total my vehicle after damage

Will they total my car (which can be fixed after accident) or can I make a deal to pay for some of the repair myself so that I can keep car? I am 66 and was accident was deemed by police to be other driver's fault. I have a 2002 Toyota Avalon. Two days after accident I took to my mechanic. He said that I would need ABS system replaced at cost of $2,000. I then got a quote from insurer that it would cost me $1,000 for body work. I am worried that if I let insurer repair car it will be totaled. I desperately need to keep car. it only has 60,000 miles and is basically in good condition. How should I handle this?

Mar 14, 2018 Linden, New Jersey

Ava Lynch

Mar 14, 2018

For New Jersey, a vehicle is determined to be a total loss if the cost of repairs plus the scrap value of the vehicle is greater or equal to the actual cash value of the vehicle. Because you know the value of the repairs, your next step would be to determine the value of your vehicle. From here, you can make a determination for yourself. Another factor to consider if that determination of fault in the accident. If the vehicle was determined to be caused by someone else (which is determined through insurance adjusters, not police), you might be able to petition to have the out of pocket repairs compensated by the other at-fault driver. Still, you would want to determine the actual cash value of your vehicle first before this.

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