Will insurance cover damage to the computer of a leased car?

My collision warning and cruise control stopped working on my leased vehicle. I went to the dealer to have it checked out and repaired, but they told me that I must have hit ice or something to damage it (which I did not). 

They said it was over the vehicle's warranty at the time by about 1000 miles. They said it will cost about $2,300 to fix. Will insurance pay for this or will I be responsible?

Jun 23, 2020 Ilion, NY

Ross Martin

Jun 23, 2020

I'm sorry to hear about the situation. Unless the damages were the result of vandalism or an accident, your insurance company will not get involved in the issue. If the car was issued with faulty parts I don't see why they wouldn't fix it, but, of course, no one wants to pay for the issue. If the damage was caused by an issue that insurance would cover then you would still get marked for an at-fault, single-vehicle claim which likely wouldn't work out financially for you. I hope they resolve this for you soon.

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