Will a non-owners policy cover medical for the person I hit after an accident?

I would like to know if a non-owners policy covers if I have an accident in a car owned by me, does it cover medical for the person I hit?

Nov 4, 2019 Smyrna, TN

Kristine Lee

Nov 4, 2019

A non-owner's policy will have a signed endorsement on it stating the insurer will not cover any claim that results from a vehicle the named insured owns or is registered to. Many will also state if it is part of the household, they will not cover it. A non-owners insurance policy is meant for people who don't own a vehicle, occasional drivers, or drivers with suspended licenses. It only covers your liability.

If you own a vehicle or regularly use one, you should not be opting for a non-owners policy. Your claims will get denied and you potentially can end up in legal trouble depending on your state laws.

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