Will I be notified when a claim is made against my insurance?

I was backing up in a parking garage and tapped a car that I didn't see in my blindspot. There was no damage on my car, but her vehicle had a small dent and scratch on the front fender. I gave her my insurance info, but I didn't even get her phone number. Will I be notified when she files a claim?

Jan 18, 2017 Peoria, IL

Neil Richardson

Jan 18, 2017

Unless the other driver never files a claim, you'll likely be hearing from either your company or the other driver's insurance company in the next few days to get your statement about the accident. You can always be proactive and contact your insurance company first to let them know about the incident and provide any pictures from the scene; I recommend this route. Since you won't be claiming any damage on your vehicle, you won't be required to pay anything out of pocket for the accident so it should be fairly straight forward.

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