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Will my renters insurance pay for me to live elsewhere?

An older neighbor was leaving her stove on falling asleep, burning stuff, coming into my place, scaring kids, etc. My neighbor had dementia or something. She also had a master key, which I complained of to landlords and was ignored. The main issue being I had to move abruptly, commute with my kids to and from school, and police/fire called at least 4 times. My children have serious fears about this and we have struggled since the abrupt move and expenses. Will my renters insurance cover me to live elsewhere?

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

Within your rental insurance is something called Loss of Use Clause, otherwise known as Additional Living Expenses, which might be what you’re thinking of. However, this is designed to cover your additional living expenses after a covered loss. Which, unfortunately, doesn’t sound like your current situation. Your best bet might be to hire an attorney, if anything.

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