Will my son's insurance rates automatically go down when he turns 20, or does he need to call his agent?

Neither my son's father or I need insurance because we don't drive. My son got his license at 18 and the insurance rates were so ridiculous there was no way he could afford it. He ended up moving in with his girlfriend and is insured through her mother's and her policy. His girlfriend just got a new car. Is it in his best interest to try to get his own now that he is turning 20 soon?

Dec 13, 2016 Garden City, MI

Neil Richardson

Dec 13, 2016

There is no guarantee that his rate will decrease, but on average, rates decrease as drivers get older. Calling his agent might help, but only if the agent works with multiple insurance companies since his current company is unlikely to make adjustments to the rate in the middle of the policy term. I would recommend that your son shop around with as many companies as possible to get the best rate. If he has been insured for 6 months or longer then he should be eligible for lower rates because of the discount associated with maintaining coverage and also because of his age.

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