Will a trampoline make my home insurance more expensive?

My kids have been bugging me for a trampoline for months now. Aside from the danger, I'm also worried that having a trampoline will make my homeowners policy increase. Is this true?

May 29, 2017 Springfield, MO

Neil Richardson

May 29, 2017

Unfortunately, it is definitely possible that having a trampoline will cause your homeowners insurance rate to increase. It's even possible that having a trampoline could cause your insurance company to cancel or non-renew your policy altogether. The impact to your rate or the acceptability of the risk in general is up to your specific insurance company. Your best bet would be to review your policy contract first. If you can't find specific details or have trouble understanding the terminology in your contract, it would be best to contact your agent before deciding to purchase a trampoline.

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