Within what timeframe does an insurer typically drop or penalize you for multiple (two) accidents?

In early July, a vehicle in front of me slammed on their breaks on an expressway in rush hour because the vehicle in front of them seized up mechanically. I largely avoided them, but clipped them with my side view mirror causing what they’re claiming as $3,000 damage. In early September, fatigued, I entered a parking lot I immediately realized was too small for the 15’ box truck I was driving. There was a parking space open to the street I thought I could turn into, but misjudged my radius and caused some damage to the neighboring car's bumper. We’ve filed a claim for the second incident but not the first. My company is afraid they’ll lose coverage or I will be pushed off the coverage.

Jan 19, 2020 Chicago, IL

Ross Martin

Jan 19, 2020

Sorry to hear about the accidents. If you were to move to a new company they would probably start the policy reflecting these accidents. If you stay with your current company, they will re-rate the plan whenever the next term starts. Insurance can not legally re-rate a plan for anything that happens in your existing policy term dates. 

That said, if you have multiple claims, it may be worthwhile for you to shop around when your current policy ends. While your current insurer may have had the best rates before, that can change after a few claims. 

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