Woman claiming more bodily claim than actual accident

Should I file a claim? I was in a VERY minor fender scratches, (no bending involved), and admitted fault. The woman I scratched kept mentioning “possible internal damage” and emphasizing that she doesn’t feel any pain “YET.” It might’ve been 20 mph and the cop (who didn’t file a report) estimated less than $500 in damage. I know the other lady will file a claim but I don’t know if I should, considering the increase in my premium compared to the possible price I’d have to pay just for a paint touch up. But what happens if I don’t file a claim and she turns around claiming $3000 in damage?

Aug 13, 2018 Johnson City, TN

Ava Lynch

Aug 13, 2018

I would definitely report this to your insurance company. Most companies will require you to report any accident, even if a claim isn't filed. Since the other driver will be filing a claim, your rates will increase no matter what. Keep in mind at-fault accidents can impact your insurance rates for up to five years. I recommend checking out our guide offering information on when you should not file a claim and the general claims process. Since injuries may be involved you definitely need to report this accident as soon as possible. Good luck and if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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