Is it worth it to argue your ticket in court?

People often argue traffic tickets in court, but is it worth it, both financially and in terms of insurance increases?

Aug 7, 2016 Shreveport, LA

Neil Richardson

Aug 7, 2016

The fine for traffic violations can range from minor to significant based on your state and the type of violation with which you are charged. In addition to the fine, the cost of your insurance policy is likely to be affected by the ticket for 3 years from the date of the violation. Considering those two factors, it is easy to see why people would want to argue their ticket in court to avoid fines and higher insurance premiums. But is it worth it? That will depend on the fine for the violation and, most importantly, your likelihood of winning the dispute in court. In many instances, there is an option to take a defensive driving course or a deferred option where the driver agrees to avoid any tickets within a certain time frame. These options are great because they keep the ticket from going on your record and impacting your insurance rates negatively, but they almost always require that you pay the original fine amount. Going to court to dispute a ticket could result in those options being taken away so if you lost the court dispute you would only be able to pay the fine and the violation would go on your driving record. There are also instances where you have no option for defensive driving and therefore must pay the fine or dispute the ticket in court. In this case, there is almost no reason NOT to dispute the ticket in court since, worst case scenario, you would subject to the original traffic fine anyway. Ultimately, disputing a ticket will be up to each individual and the results can vary widely. You should consider the cost of the violation and the potential increase that a ticket can have on your insurance rate before deciding to dispute the violation (here is a link to our full report where you can get a rough idea of how a ticket could impact your future rates). I am not an attorney so if you have further questions you should consider contacting one in your area before moving further. Best of luck!

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