Is it worth it to call my insurance company?

My friend bumped into someone's car from behind on a red light. There was no damage to the other person's vehicle or property. It seems that the other person had contacted the insurance company already. In this situation, is it worth it for my friend to get in contact with their insurance company? I asked because this situation fits one of the examples from the "3 Times it Makes Sense Not to Involve Your Insurance Company" found on your website.

Dec 17, 2017 Atlanta, Georgia

Ava Lynch

Dec 17, 2017

If your friend has no intention of getting their vehicle repaired, I don't recommend contacting your insurance company. Because your friend bumped into someone else's vehicle, any damage to your friend's vehicle would have to be covered under their collision coverage and any damage to the other driver's vehicle would be covered under their liability coverage. Which would both be considered an at-fault accident and would negatively impact their rates. However, if your friend receives contact from the other driver's insurance company, you should respond. If your friend is able to comfortably pay for the damages out-of-pocket, it might be within their interest to do so.

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