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If I wreck a friend’s car, do I have to tell them about it?

I crashed my friend’s car yesterday. I was following a vehicle too closely and struck them from behind. My friend’s vehicle now has a lot of damage and I want to get it fixed. Can I file a claim with her insurance company and pay the deductible without her knowing that I crashed her car?

Agent Answer

Neil Richardson

I’m sorry to hear about your accident and I hope that you were not injured. That being said, being dishonest about an accident is never a good idea. Disregarding the moral aspect of the situation, you would not be able to file a claim on her policy for that accident without her knowledge because the insurance company would require that they speak with her since she is the owner of the car and primary driver listed on the policy. The only possibility for you to file the claim without her knowledge would be if you were insured under the same policy as a Second Named Insured or you attempted to fix it under your personal auto policy. Either way, I would highly recommend notifying her for the sake of getting the vehicle repaired properly by her insurance company. Good luck!

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