If you've been involved in multiple hit-and-runs but never reported them, can you still file a claim?

I was previously hit twice by hit-and-run drivers, but I did not have the money at the time to cover my deductible. I was recently hit a third time, but the driver stopped and provided his information. Can I file a claim for all 3 of the accidents since I can now afford to pay my deductible? Will I get dropped by my insurance company?

Mar 4, 2017 Denver, CO

Neil Richardson

Mar 4, 2017

Technically these are 3 separate incidents and would constitute 3 different claims. The driver that hit you most recently would be responsible for the damage that he caused, but you would be responsible for the damage from the other incidents since there is no one else to hold responsible. Unfortunately that means you'd likely have to pay 2 deductibles before your insurance company would cover the remaining damage. I would recommend filing the most recent claim with the driver that hit you and disclose the previous damage. Once those repairs are done then you should contact your current provider and proceed forward with the remaining damage. As for being dropped by your current company, unfortunately they will be the ones determining whether or not they will continue to insure you. Each company has their own underwriting standards so it's impossible to say with any certainty. But if you do find yourself being non-renewed, you should shop around with as many companies as possible to find your best option.

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