Car Insurance in Austin

Premiums in Austin are relatively equivalent to statewide average rates. In fact, Austinites' insurance premiums are within $20 of Texas' average. Let’s go over some ways to save on car insurance in Austin.

Austin Car Insurance by Gender and Marital Status

Car insurance premiums in Austin can be influenced by driver attributes, including marital status and gender. However, premiums are barely cheaper for women than for men. Women normally pay 1% less than men every year for auto insurance coverage. Believe it or not, marital status has a substantial impact on car insurance policy costs. Married individuals save 10% per year compared to those who are single. Rates for those who are widowed are also significantly cheaper than rates for those who are single.

Austin Car Insurance by Accident or Violation History

Accidents and violations on your record can cost you in terms of prices on car insurance. Nobody plans on being in an accident, but stuff happens, so be aware of what can happen to your rates following one. Being at-fault in an accident can cost drivers an extra 49% per year in premiums compared to the city average. Typically, a DUI in Austin will cost you 42% more in car insurance premiums versus the city average of $1,790. Reckless driving will also drive your premiums up, with average rates of $2,481. That is 39% higher than the city average.

Austin Car Insurance by Credit Rating

The discrepancy between average car insurance premiums in Austin for individuals with Very Poor credit (300-579) and Exceptional credit (800-850) is $1,656/year. The most notable benefit of better credit comes from rising from Very Poor (300-579) to Fair (580-669), by which drivers can save around $365 per year.

Austin Car Insurance by Age

Everybody loves to save money, and luckily for drivers in their 50s, they do just that! They have the lowest car insurance rates among any age group, with rates of $1,524. People in their 60s ($1,591) aren’t paying much more. In Austin, drivers see the greatest decline in premiums when they hit their 20s, as they save an average of 62% from moving out of the teenage age bracket. In Austin, turning 60 means a rise in premiums. Up until then, progressing between age groups means decreasing prices. Teenage drivers pay the most in car insurance premiums, with typical rates of $5,815.

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Where you live in Austin affects your car insurance rates. Besides your driving history and credit score, where you live is one of the biggest contributing factors to the car insurance rates you'll pay. The reason? Crime, theft and uninsured motorists vary by zip code. So if you find yourself in a neighborhood that doesn’t play well with others, car insurance companies may consider you a high risk to insure, meaning: your rates could be higher than those of a pal who lives just around the block. And, unfortunately, Austin is no exception to the rule. From zip code 78717 to 78710, premiums rise by 23 percent—that’s $303.

Expensive Zip Codes

78617   78719   78712   78799   78710  

Cheap Zip Codes

78717   78727   78728   78759   78732  

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Austin Driving Conditions

Inclement weather goes hand in hand with wet brakes, slick roads & decreased visibility.

And that's not the worst of it. Each year there are more than 700,000 weather-related car accidents. In Austin, you can expect 88 rainy days with an annual rainfall of 34.2 inches. Austin is also known to experience thunderstorms and flash floods. You can check on the condition of the roads anytime here.


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SureUp Isnurance Services, Inc.

2819 Foster Ln Austin, TX 78757

Troiano Insurance Agency

5118 Burnet Rd, Suite A Austin, TX 78756

Heaton Bennett Insurance

3933 Steck Avenue #B119 Austin, TX 78759

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