Is Hitting a Deer Covered by Car Insurance?

If you want to insure your car against deer-related damage, you need comprehensive coverage.

Does car insurance cover hitting a deer?

If you have comprehensive coverage, damage caused by hitting a deer will be covered. Usually paired with collision coverage, this coverage option provides physical protection for your vehicle. Let's explore ins and outs of car insurance after hitting a deer, including coverage levels, typical costs, and what to do in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

Is hitting a deer covered by auto insurance?
  1. Does liability car insurance cover hitting a deer?
  2. How much does comprehensive coverage cost?
  3. What impact will a deer-related insurance claim have on your premium?

Does liability coverage cover hitting a deer?

No. Liability insurance, whether bodily injury or property damage, only covers damage you cause. For instance, if you're in an at-fault accident and damage someone's vehicle, your liability property damage coverage would step in. In order to have insurance coverage after a collision with a deer, you would need comprehensive coverage.

Comprehensive coverage is designed to cover what is not covered by collision. In some states, it's actually referred to as "other than collision" coverage. See below exactly what is covered by comprehensive car insurance.

  • Weather damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Animal damage

You will have coverage after hitting a deer through the "animal damage" clause. In addition to deer-related damages, this can include any animal that damages your vehicle. If you run over an animal — or if an animal chews or damages internal wiring — you're covered.

How much does comprehensive coverage cost?

Because comprehensive coverage is designed to cover your vehicle, the cost of this coverage depends on how much your car is worth. In this case, the more valuable your vehicle is, the higher your premium will be. We've outlined here estimates based on an average-cost vehicle. See below what insurance on a 2013 Honda Accord would set you back with comprehensive and collision.

InsurerAverage Annual Premium
Liberty Mutual$1,520
State Farm$1,769

Another feature specific to your insurance policy that will impact your premium is your deductible. Standard deductibles range from $500 to $1,000 but can vary depending on your policy and your insurer's pricing. The above data represents pricing with a $500 comprehensive deductible, while the below shows pricing for a $1,000 deductible.

InsurerAverage Annual Premium
Liberty Mutual$1,642
State Farm$1,506

Will a collision with an animal raise my insurance premium?

Any insurance claim will increase your rates, since your insurance company has to pay for an adjuster to survey the damage and pay for the repairs. But unlike a collision claim — generally seen as an at-fault car accident — a comprehensive claim generally won't raise your rates by much. On average, a comprehensive claim will raise your rates $98 per year. While it depends on your state and your policy, most violations will impact your rates for three to five years. See below how a comprehensive claim may impact your rates.

Year After AccidentAverage Annual Premium
0 - No Accident$1,427
1 Year Later$1,525
2 Years Later$1,623
3 Years Later$1,721

Expect your insurance premium to increase by $8 per month after hitting a deer. If you've experienced a much higher rate increase after filing a deer-related claim, consider this a sign that it's time to shop around for car insurance. Enter your zip code below to see rates from other local and national insurance companies.

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