Car Insurance with Expired Registration

Does a ticket for driving without registration affect your insurance?

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Getting auto insurance with an expired registration

Every US state requires you to register your vehicle in order to park or drive on public roads. Failure to do so may result in a ticket and associated fees. On average, being ticketed for driving with an expired registration will increase your six-month insurance premium by $131. Additionally, you could face hundreds of dollars of legal and ticket fees for failing to register your vehicle.

Let’s break down options for cheap car insurance with an expired registration.

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Cheap car insurance after an expired registration ticket

After you re-register your vehicle, the violation may continue to affect your auto insurance premiums. While the impact may vary, most insurance companies will include a surcharge for as long as three to five years after any violation or claim. Using a methodology outlined here, we learned that the cheapest insurance provider after driving with expired registration is USAA.

6-month premium w/no violation
6-month premium w/ expired registration
Allstate - $945
Farmers - $797
GEICO - $657
Liberty Mutual - $797
Nationwide - $675
Progressive - $788
USAA - $498


Liberty Mutual and Nationwide assessed considerable premium increases after a registration violation. Use our data as a jumping off point. It is based on a generalized profile and not necessarily reflective of your specific driving profile. Enter your ZIP code below to see a personalized quote based on your driving history, location, and other factors.


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Can you remove tickets for expired registration?

This depends on the duration for which your registration was expired. If it only lapsed for a few days, you might be able to contest the ticket and get it dismissed. Otherwise, you might have a more difficult time. In this case, your best bet is to contact your state’s DMV.


How much are tickets for expired registration?

This varies depending on each state’s laws and the duration of the registration lapse. Below are estimated penalties from five states in the US.

Associated Fees
Up to $100
Up to $250
New Jersey


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Your best bet for car insurance with an expired registration is to contact your state’s DMV and begin the process for being reinstated. It's unlikely a car insurance company will cover you if your registration is currently expired. The process will vary by your state but usually includes:

  • Showing proof of insurance coverage
  • Paying any remaining fees, usually including a lapse fee and reinstatement fee

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