Car Insurance with Multiple Comprehensive Claims

Will a second comprehensive claim affect your car insurance rates?

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Car insurance with two or more comprehensive claims

Filing multiple insurance claims — regardless of type — may lead to more expensive auto insurance premiums. However, filing multiple comprehensive claims typically won’t raise your premium as much as will filing multiple collision claims. Filing two comprehensive claims will raise insurance premiums by an average of $60 per six-month period. Find out which insurance company raises premiums the least after a second comprehensive claim.

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What is comprehensive car insurance? Examples of comprehensive claims:

Unlike collision coverage, which protects your vehicle if you are involved in a collision with another car, comprehensive coverage insures your vehicle against damage caused by:

  • Animal-related claims — if a rat chews through mechanical wiring, or you collide with a deer
  • Weather-related claims — if your car is totaled or damaged in a flood
  • Your vehicle is stolen or vandalized
  • Windshield damage
What is not covered by comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive will not offer protection for the following losses or damages:

  • Bodily injury liability, medical bills
  • Hitting a fixed object

If you’d like more information on what is covered by collision and comprehensive insurance, see below:



Cheap car insurance with two comprehensive claims

Having two comprehensive claims raises insurance rates by $60 over a standard six-month policy (methodology). USAA offers the cheapest rates in this scenario, at $523 per six-month term. 


6-month premium w/ multiple comprehensive claims
State Farm


Because you must be a military member or be related to military personnel to qualify, USAA is not for everyone. If that’s the case for you, consider Nationwide and GEICO as alternatives.

This data reflects rates for a single 30-year-old male driver with two comprehensive claims. In order to get a based on your driving profile, enter your ZIP below.


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How to save on insurance with multiple comprehensive claims

The consequences after your second comprehensive claim will vary significantly. If $60 is a larger price hike than you'd like to pay, consider the solutions outlined below to save on your insurance policy.


Use your coverage sparingly

If you’ve already filed two claims with your current provider, you need to be an especially cautious driver. Many insurance companies will cancel or non-renew your policy if you’ve filed more than three claims in a three-year period. To avoid any issues with your current provider, consider these alternatives.

  1. Get an estimate for the damage first.
  2. Use ourState of Insuranceanalysis see how much that particular accident (comprehensive or collision) would raise your rates in your state. Remember to consider this value over three years.
  3. If the value of the out-of-pocket repair costs is less than the rate increase plus your deductible, skip the claim and handle the costs yourself.

For more guidance on whether to file a claim, see our guidehere.


Don’t pay for car insurance coverage you won't use

If your vehicle is worth less than $4,000, you do not need comprehensive or collision coverage. The claims payout your would receive won't offset the premium you'd need to pay in the event of a collision.

You can determine the value of your vehicle by using Kelley Blue Book and NADA Online. If your vehicle is valued at more than $4,000 but you still need to lower your premium. Consider raising your deductible. Because your premium and your deductible are inversely related, you lower your premium by raising your deductible.

Consider usage-based insurance policies

If you’re a safe driver, a telematics-based policy can be a good way to lower your insurance costs. Telematics use in-car and mobile apps to monitor the way you drive to offer you a discount on your car insurance policy. Usage-based insurance policies take into account the following factors:

  • Braking speeds
  • Accelerating speeds
  • Time of day driven
  • Overall speed



Estimated Savings

Progressive SnapShot

Average of $130

Allstate Drivewise

Average of 10-25%

State Farm Drive Safe & Save

Up to 15%

Esurance DriveSense


Nationwide SmartRide

Up to 40%

Liberty Mutual RightTrack

Average of 5-30%

GEICO DriveEasy


For more information on telematics, seehere.


Double-check for discounts

You shouldn’t stay with a company simply because they offer you a discount. However, they can be helpful for slightly lowering your premium. Below are some common discounts.


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