How to Get Car Insurance with No License

Getting auto insurance without a driver's license can be tricky, but some options exist.

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Can you get car insurance without a license?

Having a valid driver's license is a crucial step toward getting car insurance. Your driver’s license allows insurance companies to access and assess your driving history. Insurance companies use your road résumé to predict the risk you pose and how much they should charge for their protection. However, there are some ways to get car insurance without a license. 


Getting auto insurance without a license
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Buying a car without a license

Before you get car insurance, you need to find a car. It is legal to purchase a car without a valid license, but the process is easier if you have a driver's license. Some car dealerships strictly enforce proof-of-insurance driver's license regulations. Some auto dealers require a photocopy of your insurance card and driver's license before allowing you to take a test drive. Others are more focused on their sale than your legal ability to drive. It depends on the individual dealership's protocols.

It’s much easier to buy a vehicle without a license than it is to purchase insurance coverage with no license, as the dealership forgoes responsibility after purchase. The more complicated step is getting insurance with no driver's license.




Buying auto insurance without a license

It will be difficult — and potentially expensive — to purchase car insurance without a valid driver’s license. Insurance companies see risk in an unlicensed driver, regardless of your reason for being unlicensed. Some insurance companies will cover you if you have a state-issued ID card. Your best bet for finding insurance is to speak with a local independent agent. These agents are licensed to write auto insurance policies for different insurers and could be familiar with local companies that issue no-license car insurance. Consult as many agencies as possible, as rules and procedures may vary.

It's best to be truthful regarding your license status when getting a car insurance quote. An insurer will run a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) when calculating your premium. An MVR details your driving history. If you use a fake or invalid driver's license number, it will register on your MVR. The insurance company could drop you, forcing you to start over again. While it may be difficult to find auto insurance without a license, you can save yourself time and trouble by being upfront about your driving situation.

If you're having a hard time finding car insurance without a license, call us at 888-444-2833 or click below to speak to an agent. Our licensed insurance agents can quote unlicensed drivers from many different carriers across the US in order to get you insured.

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How to Get Car Insurance with No License

Should I pay for damage out of pocket or file a claim with my insurance company?

A car accident can have a fairly significant impact on your rates so if they damage is not extensive, as you say, you might want to consider paying for the damage out of pocket. Ultimately, that decision is up to you, but our State of Insurance Report (page 58) shows that at fault accidents in North Carolina will cause an average rate increase of $426 per year to your policy.

Can I get car insurance if I don't have a license?

The majority of insurance companies require that you have a valid license before issuing a policy. However, there are companies that will issue coverage with just a state ID.

Can I still get car insurance if I'm not licensed and can't drive?

What you would need to do is have a policy written in your name, add the person who drives you around, and have yourself excluded from the policy. So the policy would basically be yours but you aren't covered as a driver so you shouldn't impact the rate as a driver.

My 17yo son lost his license, what do I do with the insurance?

The decision will ultimately be determined by the policy rules of your insurance company. Because he won't be driving for 6 months but is of driving age, your best bet would be to see if you could "exclude" him from your policy for the duration of his suspension.