How to Get Car Insurance with no License

Getting auto insurance without a license can be tricky, but we have some options for you.

Is it possible to get car insurance with no license?

Since the ability to legally drive goes hand-in-hand with having car insurance, lacking a valid driver's license poses a big hindrance to acquiring a policy. The reason is simple: your driver’s license allows insurance companies to see your entire driving history. They use this résumé to better predict the risk you pose to them and how much they should charge for their service. Some options exist for getting car insurance without a license. Let’s get started.

Getting auto insurance without a license
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Buying a car without a license

The first step to getting car insurance is finding a car. While there aren’t laws prohibiting you from buying a car without a license, you might have a hard time. Certain dealerships are more strict than others regarding proof of insurance and validity of driver's license. Some dealerships will take a photocopy of your insurance card as well as your drivers license in order to take a test drive. Others are more focused on their sale than your legal ability to drive. It really depends on the individual dealership's protocols.

It’s much easier to buy a vehicle without a license than it is to get an insurance policy, as the dealership’s responsibility for the vehicle is irrelevant after the purchase is made. Which brings us to the more complicated purchase: getting insurance.

Buying auto insurance with no license

It’s going to be hard and potentially expensive to get car insurance without a valid driver’s license. This is because insurance companies see risk in an unlicensed driver - regardless of why you’re unlicensed. However, some insurance companies will insure you if you have a state-issued ID. Your best bet for finding insurance is to speak with a local independent agent. These agents are licensed to write policies for different insurance companies and might be familiar with companies in your area that will issue no-license car insurance. Check with as many agencies as you can, as rules and procedures may vary.

It's best not to lie regarding your license status when getting a car insurance quote. Every insurance company will run what's called a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) when calculating your premium. Your MVR is basically a report containing your driving history. So, if you use a fake or invalid driver's license number, it will register on your MVR. The insurance company could drop you as a client and you would need to start over again. While it may be difficult to find auto insurance without a license, you will save yourself time and canceled policies by being upfront about your driving situation.

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