Getting Car Insurance After a Breakup

If your ex was the policyholder on your car insurance policy, you should find new coverage.

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Car insurance after a breakup

If you lived with your significant other and shared a car insurance policy, you'll need to take some steps after a breakup. If you've taken responsibility for the vehicle post-breakup, you should get a new car insurance policy immediately. If you’ve neen removed from your ex’s policy before you can get a new one, you are uninsured and won't be covered in the event of an accident. Let's explore the best ways to handle car insurance after a breakup.

How to handle your car insurance policy after a breakup
  1. Getting your own car insurance policy
  2. Cheapest car insurance companies for singles
  3. Additional resources and ways to save

How does a breakup impact car insurance premiums?

You will not be charged more simply for being single. The only time your premium will be impacted after a relationship change is if you were married. Married couples pay less for car insurance because insurance companies see them as less risky clients. However, you could see a change in your premium if you go from a two-driver insurance policy to a single-driver policy.

Carrying multiple drivers or vehicles on your policy raises the overall cost of the policy — although you might only be responsible for paying half of the cost. Learn more about the cheapest car insurance companies for single drivers.

How does car insurance change after a breakup?

Although a breakup is always challenging, it’s important to take the time to think about insurance. Acting quickly can help you avoid a lapse in coverage and the citations that can come from driving while uninsured. If you're in an at-fault accident and do not have insurance, you can be sued for the damages you cause. Depending on the circumstances, this could be financially devastating. If you’re no longer living at the address listed on your policy, get a car insurance policy with your new residence listed.

If your ex drops you from your shared car insurance policy without notifying you, you'll already have coverage. Once you have your new policy, verify your name has been removed from your previous coverage to ensure you're not paying for extraneous coverage. You do not need your ex's permission to remove yourself from the policy. Call the insurance company's customer service number and request removal. They might have you verify some information, such as an address or birthday.

If you move in with someone else, such as a friend or family member, your policy can still change. If your new housemate will not be using your vehicle, your monthly bill shouldn't increase. Your car insurance provider might request they be specifically excluded from your policy. An excluded driver is not covered and cannot use the vehicle under any circumstances. If you will share vehicles with your housemate, consider an insurance policy that covers each driver and their vehicle(s). This way, you can earn back your multi-driver and multi-vehicle discount.

Consult our in-depth guide to car insurance for roommates.

Cheapest car insurance companies for a single person

It can be daunting to go from splitting all your bills to paying for everything yourself. If you qualify, USAA offers the cheapest rates for car insurance at $483 for a standard six-month policy. If you do not qualify for USAA, GEICO is another cheap option. While slightly more expensive than USAA’s $81 monthly premium, GEICO will set you back $91 per month.

InsurerAverage 6-Month Insurance Premium
Liberty Mutual$751
State Farm$884

Bear in mind, the above are estimates based on a generic driver profile. Although GEICO and USAA might generally provide the most affordable rates for a single driver, another company could better suit your driving profile. Enter your ZIP code below to see which company is right for you.

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Additional resources

If you have specific and personal questions related to car insurance after a breakup, feel free to email our licensed agent here. If you’re looking for additional information related to car insurance, see our related content below.

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