How Do Points on Your License Affect Car Insurance?

Having points on your license will inevitably cause your insurance premiums to increase.

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Will points on your license raise your car insurance rates?

Insurance companies do not directly use driver’s license points to determine rates. However, if you are issued license points after an incident behind the wheel — such as speeding, DUI, or distracted driving — expect your car insurance premium to reflect that. Let’s explore some point-earning violations by state assess the potential on how much you pay for car insurance.

How do points on your license affect car insurance?
  1. New York
  2. New Jersey
  3. Georgia
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Ohio
  6. How to save on car insurance with points on your license

Car insurance with points on your license in NY

Accumulating 11 points in an 18-month period may result in license suspension in New York. Below are some of the violations that result in points, along with the average annual premium associated with the violation, when applicable.

Citation TypeAverage Annual PremiumPoints
No violation$1,808--
At-fault accident$2,2008
Failure to stop at a red light$1,9923
Failure to yield$1,9923
Following too closely$1,9925
Reckless driving$2,9775
Speeding - 11-15 MPH over limit$2,1254
Speeding - 16-20 MPH over limit$2,1924
Speeding - 21-25 MPH over limit$2,1926
Speeding - 6-10 MPH over limit$2,1253
Speeding - 31-40 MPH over limit--8
Texting while Driving/Cell Phone Violation$1,8235
Child safety restraint violation--3
Other moving violations2

You can reduce the points on your driver’s license by driving safely, i.e., avoiding violations which would earn you points, for one year. If you remain accident-free for a year from the date of your most recent violation, New York state will deduct three points from your total.

You reduce your points faster by completing the Point & Insurance Reduction Program online or in person.

License points in NJ: regulations and insurance considerations

Accumulating 12 or more points in New Jersey results in license suspension. If a driver goes one year without any point-worthy citations, the state will remove three license points.

Citation TypeAverage Annual PremiumPoints
No violation$1,752
Failure to stop at a red light$2,0293
Failure to yield$2,0293
Following too closely$2,2484
Reckless driving$2,4825
Speeding - 11-15 MPH over limit$1,9934
Speeding - 16-20 MPH over limit$2,1534
Speeding - 21-25 MPH over limit$2,1536
Speeding - 6-10 MPH over limit$1,9933
Passing school bus$2,2425
Improper passing$2,1543
Leaving scene of an accident - hit-and-run$2,3453
Texting while driving$1,9955
Child safety restraint violation3
Speeding 30 MPH or more over limit5

Your points can be removed by driving safely or by taking a defensive driving course.

Points on your license in GA

Your license will be suspended in Georgia if you earn more than 15 points in a 2 year period. You can request a point reduction with your state’s Department of Driver Services (DDS) up to 7 points every 5 years. In order to do this, you need to complete a Driver Improvement course and submit proof of completion.

Below are some citations with their correspondings points and car insurance premiums in Georgia.

Citation TypeAverage Annual PremiumPoints
No Violation$1,343--
Failure to stop at a red light$2,7263
Failure to yield$2,7263
Improper passing$2,7264
Open container$2,5852
Passing school bus$2,7266
Reckless Driving$3,0764
Speeding - 16-20 MPH over limit$2,3142
Speeding - 21-25 MPH over limit$2,3144
Texting while driving/cell phone violation$1,3721
Violation of safety restraint - 1st offense1
Violation of safety restraint - 2nd offense2
Speeding - 34 MPH+ over limit6
Failure to obey police officer3
Failure to adequately secure load, resulting in an accident2
Improper use of designated travel lane: 4th and subsequent offenses1

Tip: request a point reduction from your state's DMV after one year of safe driving to ensure your points are removed in a timely manner.

Insurance and license points in PA

The number of points required to have your license suspended in Pennsylvania depend on your age. Younger drivers — 18 and under — face license suspension after just six license points (or automatically, after a citation for speeding 26 miles per hour or more over the speed limit).

Drivers older than 18 who accrue six or more license points face several consequences. If it's the driver's first time hitting the six-point mark, they will be required to take a written exam to remove two of the points. A second offense results in a hearing with PennDOT to determine whether the driver's license should be suspended or whether the driver is eligible for a driving test. The latter option requires the completion of written and in-person driving tests within 30 days.

Citation TypeAverage Annual PremiumPoints
No Violation$1,307
Reckless driving$2,8910
Speeding - 11-15 MPH over limit$2,1643
Speeding - 16-20 MPH over limit$2,1644
Speeding - 21-25 MPH over limit$2,1644
Speeding - 6-10 MPH over limit$2,1642
Failure to stop at a red light$1,3073
Passing school bus$1,3075
Illegal turn$1,3073
Failure to stop: stop sign3
Failure to stop: yield sign$1,4203

License points in OH: insurance ramifications

Any driver's license points accrued in Ohio will stay on a driver's record for two years. Accumulating more than 12 points in two years results in license suspension. In order to remove your points, a driver must enroll in and pass a remedial driving instruction course. This will remove two license points. A driver can take this step up to five times — once every three years. However, this option is only eligible to drivers who have racked up fewer than 12 points.

Citation TypeAverage Annual PremiumPoints
No Violation$1,129
At-fault Accident$1,2836
Operating a vehicle without permission$1,5366
Speeding - 11-15 MPH over limit$1,1314
Speeding - 16-20 MPH over limit$1,1314
Speeding - 21-25 MPH over limit$1,1314
Speeding - 6-10 MPH over limit$1,1312

How to save on car insurance with points on your license

Even in the absence of a crash or a claim, license points can still raise car insurance premiums. Insurance companies are aware of traffic violations via every driver's Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) and will increase premiums accordingly. Some insurance companies request their clients' MVRs more frequently than do others. Some will re-run the report at every policy renewal — typically every six months. Others will only consult the MVR at the start of a new policy.

You can see how many points on you have on your license by visiting the website of your state's DMV.

If you're dealing with expensive car insurance after a citation or violation, consider one of the cost-cutting solutions detailed below.

Take action to remove your points

Although it might be an inconvenience, if you’re able to get a ticket removed from your record, you should be able to see some insurance savings. Each state has its own procedure to remove license points. Below is a short summary of how to request license points removal in major US states.

  • NY:Complete the Point & Insurance Reduction Program online or in person.
  • NJ:Take a New Jersey Defensive Driving Course, avaliable online.
  • PA:Take a written or behind-the-wheel exam.
  • OH:Enroll in a remedial driving course
  • GA:Complete a defensive driving course and submit proof of completion.

After completing your required coursework or program, submit proof to your insurance company. If you’re being still being penalized by your insurance company, consider our next suggestion: shop around.

Shop around

This is the best advice we can give. Every insurance company will view your driving profile differently and price your premium differently. Even if you don’t have a bad driving record, shopping for car insurance every six months is the best way to ensure you get the cheapest rate. Enter your zip code below to see car insurance estimates from local and national providers.

Find a new insurance policy today!

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