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May 30, 2018

Car Insurance in Bellevue

On average, Washington premiums are 19% lower than the national average. While premiums in the city are relatively low as well, it is still crucial to cut costs while insuring a vehicle in Bellevue. Keep some money in your pocket by following the tips below about how to save on car insurance in Bellevue.

  • City Average: $1,259
  • State Average: $1,160
  • National Average: $1,427

Bellevue Car Insurance by Gender and Marital Status

Numerous driver characteristics, including marital status and gender, play a part in car insurance premiums in Bellevue. Being married can save you around 4% per year compared to being single. Rates for those who are widowed are marginally cheaper than rates for those who are single. Premiums for men and women normally differ by 2%, with men paying less.

  • Female: $1,282
  • Male: $1,259
  • Single: $1,259
  • Married: $1,204
  • Divorced: $1,259
  • Widowed: $1,237

Bellevue Car Insurance by Age

Teenage drivers are the ones who pay the most in car insurance premiums, with rates of $5,201 on average. When Bellevue drivers hit their 20s, therefore moving out of the teenage age bracket, they save an average of $3,505 every year. It is the largest difference between any age group. The first time drivers can expect their age to trigger a rise in premiums is when they turn 60. At $1,112, drivers in their 50s have the lowest car insurance premiums among any age group. Those in their 60s ($1,148) aren’t paying much more.

  • Teenagers: $5,201
  • 20s: $1,696
  • 30s: $1,236
  • 40s: $1,175
  • 50s: $1,112
  • 60s: $1,148
  • 70s: $1,458

Bellevue Car Insurance by Credit Rating

For those with Very Poor credit (300-579), as opposed to Exceptional credit (800-850), car insurance premiums more than double. Drivers can save around $251 per year when they upgrade their credit tier from Very Poor (300-579) to Fair (580-669).

  • Very Poor: $2,393
  • Fair: $1,953
  • Good: $1,600
  • Very Good: $1,321
  • Exceptional: $1,070

Bellevue Car Insurance by Accident or Violation History

Having an untainted driving record is vital if you want to keep the expense of premiums low. On average, a DUI in Bellevue will cost you 50% more in car insurance premiums versus the city average of $1,259. Reckless driving will drive your rates up as well, with typical rates of $1,992! Do you want to increase your insurance rates by $227? If not, be aware of your speed because getting pulled over for driving 16-20mph above the speed limit in Bellevue will trigger that increase.

  • DUI: $1,885
  • Reckless Driving: $1,992
  • At-fault Accident (damages less than $1000): $1,665
  • At-fault Accident (damages greater than $2000): $1,665
  • Speeding Ticket (16-20 mph over speed limit): $1,486

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