Brooklyn Car Insurance

Saving money on car insurance can be as easy as talking a walk in Prospect Park

Brooklyn Car Insurance

The most populous borough of New York, Brooklyn is home to the infamous Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, and hipsters. Lots of hipsters. But in terms of car insurance, Brooklyn is known for some expensive premiums — the average premium in Brooklyn is nearly twice as high as the rest of New York state. So, saving while insuring a vehicle in Brooklyn is an absolute imperative. Let’s get started on how to save on car insurance in Brooklyn.

6 Month Premium in Brooklyn 6 Month Premium in New York 6 Month Premium in the US
$2,699 $1,080 $714

Let’s break down car insurance for Brooklynites:
  1. Where can I find cheap insurance in Brooklyn?
  2. How can I save on car insurance in Brooklyn?
  3. Methodology

Average rates by insurance company

As we stated, car insurance rates for Brooklyn are about 96% higher than the average premium for the rest of the state and 54% than the average for the entire US. This has to do with the way insurance companies predict losses in this area. Based on the high population size, crime, weather-related events, and claims history, insurance companies see Brooklyn as a risky place to insure clients. Insurance companies will protect themselves against risk through higher premiums.

Given Brooklyn’s size, we decided to survey 5 zip codes throughout the Borough to see the average rate by insurance company. Here are the results:

Our Findings: 6 month Premiums in Brooklyn

Zip Code Allstate Geico Liberty Mutual Progressive State Farm
11241 $1,523 $604 $2,801 $1,270 $2,472
11242 $1,466 $604 $2,801 $1,270 $2,472
11243 $1,523 $604 $2,801 $1,270 $2,472
11249 $1,466 $774 $2,801 $899 $2,472
11252 $1,523 $903 $2,801 $1,169 $2,472
11256 $1,523 $604 $2,801 $1,169 $2,472







In a consistent profile (outlined here), we discovered that Geico was the cheapest company for auto insurance. With an average 6 month premium at $681.75, it was over a thousand dollars cheaper than the city’s average and even less than the state’s!

Ways to save

Because living in Brooklyn is clearly pretty expensive, it’s important to save money whenever possible. Here are the ins-and-outs of saving on car insurance.

Double check for discounts:

A lot of discounts, such as the good driver or the safety equipment discount are built into your user profile (through your VIN or driving record), but you still want to make sure you’re getting all the discounts you’re qualified for. Here are some common discounts:

  • Good driver/Safe Driver
  • Safe equipment discount
  • Paid in full
  • Payment via bank
  • Electronic signature

These discounts might not seem like a lot, but when you’re paying more than twice the state’s average, every penny counts.

Drive Safely

Drive safely is a good idea, no matter where you live. But in Brooklyn, avoiding reckless and dangerous driving can save you thousands a year on auto insurance. Here are some common violations and how much it will raise your premium.

Average Annual Increase by Violation

Violation Increase to Premium
Texting While Driving $35
Speeding in School Zone $230
Average Speeding Ticket $370
At-Fault Accident $1,088
Racing $1,145
Reckless Driving $1,848
Hit & Run $2,752

Improve or maintain good credit

While maintaining a good credit score is pivotal for your financial health, it can also be pretty impactful on your insurance premium. Looking at the average premiums for Brooklyn below, the difference between very poor premium (300-579) and excellent (800-850) is nearly $4,000 a year. On average, moving from one credit tier to another can save you an average of $1,370 a year. So, keep that score up!

Average Annual Premium by Credit Tier

Zip Code Very Poor (300-579) Fair (580-669) Good (670-739) Very Good (740-799) Excellent (800-850)
11241 $6,883 $5,303 $4,176 $3,345 $2,805
11242 $6,851 $5,277 $4,154 $3,328 $2,789
11423 $6,883 $5,303 $4,176 $3,345 $2,805
11249 $6,622 $5,242 $4,197 $3,419 $2,915
11252 $7,199 $5,667 $4,524 $3,689 $3,149
11256 $6,680 $5,198 $4,118 $3,312 $2,785







Bundle any and all policies

Bundling, meaning putting all your insurance eggs in one basket, can save you between $117 and $190 a year on your auto insurance. The reason is pretty simple - insurance companies want more lines of revenue and thus offer you an incentive. Here are some typical savings you can see across Brooklyn.

Average Annual Savings in 2017

Zip Code Renters Savings Condo Savings Homeowner Savings
11241 $116 $182 $188
11242 $116 $181 $188
11243 $116 $182 $188
11249 $116 $181 $188
11252 $125 $191 $197
11256 $114 $180 $186





Be smart with your coverage

By this, we are referring to the simple truth that most vehicles do not grow in value over time but depreciate. In terms of insurance, this could mean the coverage you have for your vehicle is no longer necessary. Here's how to find out if you still need full coverage:

  • Determine the value of your vehicle through NADA and Kelley Bluebook. This is what your insurance company could reasonably pay you if your vehicle is totaled.
  • Ask your insurance company how much premium it takes to have physical protection (so, comprehensive and collision).
  • See if the value of your vehicle is less than the premium it takes to insure the vehicle. If you would still need physical protection in order to protect your vehicle, keep it. Otherwise, you might be better off saving that premium.

If it's still determined that you need physical coverage, consider raising your deductible. When you raise your deductible, you lower your premium. Be aware, by raising your deductible, you take on a greater financial responsibility if your vehicle is totaled. However, this type of coverage is really designed for total loss scenarios. As we'll discover in our next section, filing a collision claim can seriously impact your car premium in Brooklyn.

Be smart with your claims

Being smart with your claims means using your collision lightly and sparingly in order to avoid future rate increases. As collision claims are generally considered to be "at-fault" accidents by insurance companies, you can expect your rate to increase at your renewal. For most violations, your rate will be increased for 3 years. You should consider if the amount you would save by filling a claim is worth the value of your premium increase. Here's how you can expect your rate in Brooklyn to change.

Overall Increases by Violation

6 Month Premium Increase One Year Premium Increase Three Year Premium Increase
$554 $1,088 $3,263

As you can see, it's expensive to rear end someone or file a claim. If you are in a situation where you need to pay for repairs (either because you damage or vehicle or someone else's) consider getting estimates first. This way, you can determine if it makes sense to file a claim or pay out of pocket.

Shop around

Your absolute best bet for saving on auto insurance is to follow our lead and compare with as many companies as possible. Because our user profile most likely doesn’t match you, it’s important to see our data as a starting point — where you should begin, but not end, your search for the best auto insurance. Use our comparison app here to see how much you could be saving on car insurance.

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Methodology: Method to the madness

In our best efforts to be fair in our comparison, we used the same user profile across all insurance providers. Here is our user profile:

  • Age: 30
  • Gender: Male
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Degree: Bachelor's
  • Months with prior insurance: 36
  • Prior BI limits: 50/100
  • Vehicle: 2012 Honda Accord EX
  • Coverage requested at quote: 50/100/50, UMBI 25/50, UIMBI 50/100
  • Comprehensive and Collision deductibles at $500
  • PIP limit at $50,000
  • Annual Mileage: 10,000