Best Car Insurance for 30-Year-Olds

Discover new discounts and find out how your rates change once you hit your dirty 30s

How much does it cost to get car insurance in your 30s?

The average 30-year-old pays $770 for a 6-month car insurance policy. This is slightly less than the US as a whole, where the average 6-month premium for car insurance $777 or about $126 per month. Although you see some savings, it's always good to find cheap car insurance at any age. Let's explore some cheap car insurance companies for 30-year-olds as well as the important policy decisions you have to make during this time.

How much is the average cost car insurance for a 30-year-old
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Cheapest companies for 30-year-old drivers

If you qualify, USAA has the cheapest rates for drivers in their 30s. USAA only caters to military members and their family so it is not available for everyone. However, Geico is about $10 more per month than USAA and doesn't have any membership requirements.

InsurerAverage 6-month Insurance Premium
Liberty Mutual$751
State Farm$884

It's important to consider these rates are only average estimates based on a generic user profile (outlined here). If you're interested in seeing estimates for your user profile, enter your zip code below to see how much you could be saving.

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How much is car insurance for new 30-year-old drivers?

A big question you will be asked when you get a car insurance quote is how many years of driving experience do you have. Because your driving experience is a major rating factor, most insurers will increase your rate to offset the risk you present. In their eyes, the less experience a driver has, the more likely they are to get into an accident and require a claim payout. By gaining more experience behind the wheel and keeping a clean driving record, your rate will lower. Below are some tips for first time drivers getting affordable car insurance.

Shop around every 6-months for car insurance.

It's important to understand your premium can vary significantly by insurance company. Although no company will see your lack of driving experience positively, not all will charge you equally. The only way to ensure you're getting the best rate with your driving record is to shop around every time your policy renews (typically 6-months).

Pay for claims out of pocket

The general rule of thumb in the insurance world is if you can pay for damages yourself, do it. Your insurance company will add a surcharge to your premium for 3-5 years after an at-fault accident. While it varies by state and by the company, the average 3-year surcharge for an at-fault is $1700 or nearly $400 per year. You can determine if you should file a claim using our guide here.

Understand how much coverage you need

If your vehicle is valued less than $4,000, it's generally advise not to add collision and comprehensive to your insurance policy. These coverages are designed to protect the value of your vehicle but are expensive coverage options. If your vehicle isn't worth much, you are paying for coverage you do not need. Use online resources such as Kelley Blue Book and NADA online to determine the value of your vehicle.

How does your policy change when you turn 30

As you mature and complete new life events, your car insurance will evitably change. Adding new vehicles, drivers, or a new line of insurance will have policy implications. Let's explore.

Getting hitched

While no one takes the same path in life, many people in their 30s get married, and this can impact your premium for the better. When a single person marries, his or her annual premium drops statistically by about 5.6% or around $74/year. That’s because insurance companies have found that married people file less claims than single people. Moreover, they see that married people are sharing the responsibility of driving which, in essence, cuts driving time of individual cars in half.

Marital StatusAverage Annual Premium

You can find additional information regarding car insurance for married couples here.

Buying a house

Upgrading from renting a place to buying your own home can save you around $138/year, for a couple of reasons. We’re assuming that you bundled your home and auto insurance into the same company. This not only makes things a little easier because all your business goes through one agent or company, but bundling can also earn you a profitable multi-policy discount. Insurance companies look at those who own a home to be more financially stable and thus statistically less likely to file a claim.

Homeowner StatusAverage Annual Savings on Car Insurance
Renter w/ Multi-Policy$77
Condo Owner w/ Multi-Polcy$120
Homeowner w/ Multi-Policy$138

Having kids

Unless your child is of driving age, simply having a kid won’t impact your premium. However, if you upgrade your two-door sedan to a minivan with additional coverage, your insurance premium can change. If you were to trade-in your Honda Civic (car) for a Honda Odyssey (minivan) in order to accommodate extra kiddos, you can expect the average annual premium to drop by $210. If minivans aren’t your thing, you can still expect your premium to decrease by an average of $139 when you switch your car for a family-friendly SUV.


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