Best Car Insurance for 30-Year-Olds

Discover new discounts and find out how your rates change once you hit your dirty 30s

How much does it cost to get car insurance in your 30s?

Leaving your 20s behind is a big milestone: it means there's a lot of change coming your way. While some see a mid-life crisis on the horizon during their fourth decade, others consider their 30s a promising time. At this age, many people get married, buy a home, and start a family. And from our perspective here at The Zebra, your 30s represent a significant step: a major change your relationship with your insurance company. So, while you may not be able to eat pizza for every meal anymore, insurance companies will treat you preferentially. Let's examine some of the benefits of car insurance in your 30s.

How your premiums and policy change

Although you might not enjoy the idea of entering your 30s, you'll probably like the insurance savings. The average amount paid by a 20-29-year-old for auto insurance is $1,791 per year, versus the $1,292 paid by drivers aged 30-39. That’s nearly 500 bucks in savings. Just remember, every new gray hair probably brings with it some savings in the auto insurance department. The reason for these savings has to do with how your insurance company views major events surrounding this time in your adult life. Actions such as getting married and buying a home can make you appear more responsible to your insurance company. And as you probably know, a responsible client is a less expensive one in the eyes of an insurer.
Age GroupAvg. Annual Premium

Getting hitched

While no one takes the same path in life, many people in their 30s get married, and this can impact your premium for the better. When a single person marries, his or her annual premium drops statistically by about 5.6% or around $74/year. That’s because insurance companies have found that married people file less claims than single people. Moreover, they see that married people are sharing the responsibility of driving which, in essence, cuts driving time of individual cars in half.

National Average Annual Insurance by Marital Status


Buying a house

You might be surprised by the effects of buying a home on your car insurance. Switching from renting a place to buying your own home can save you around $110/year, for a couple of reasons. We’re assuming that you bundled your home and auto insurance into the same company. This not only makes things a little easier because all your business goes through one agent or company, but bundling can also earn you a profitable multi-policy discount. Insurance companies look at those who own a home to be more financially stable and thus statistically less likely to file a claim.

National Average Annual Insurance by Homeowner Status


Having kids

Unless your child is of driving age, simply having a kid won’t impact your premium. However, if you upgrade your two-door sedan to a minivan with additional coverage, your insurance premium can change. If you were to trade-in your Honda Civic (car) for a Honda Odyssey (minivan) in order to accommodate extra kiddos, you can expect the average annual premium to drop by $210. If minivans aren’t your thing, you can still expect your premium to decrease by an average of $139 when you switch your car for a family-friendly SUV.

National Average Annual Insurance For Vans, SUVs, and Cars in 2016


So, maybe your 30s won’t be so bad?

Even though hangovers hurt more and your bedtime is probably 10:30, take comfort in the idea that you can start to enjoy some savings from your insurance company. Remember to bundle your policies, add your husband or wife to your policy, and maybe even upgrade that Honda Civic to an Odyssey—the sexiest of all the soccer vans. You might not like rocking a dad-bod for real, but at least with all the money you're saving, you can finally afford to build a man-cave. 

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