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What happens if my car insurance is canceled?

If you’re seen as a high-risk insurance client, most companies will insure you and your vehicle — but it will cost you. If an elevated premium won't cover the risk, your insurance company could cancel your policy outright. The tricky part is what comes next: many companies have the same redlines, i.e., guidelines, that dictate to whom they will sell policies. If Geico cancels your coverage because you’ve had too many claims, you might not get able to get coverage from Progressive for the same reason. That’s where we come in. Let’s explore getting car insurance after a canceled policy.

Here are our talking points:

  1. Is it legal for my insurance company to cancel my policy?
  2. What are common reasons for getting car insurance canceled?
  3. What are my next steps?
  4. How do I get insurance after a canceled policy?

Is it illegal for my car insurance company to drop me?

Although auto insurance is required in nearly every state, an insurance company has the legal right to cancel your policy if you violate the terms and conditions stated in the original contract. If you break your policy, your insurance company will be acting within its legal rights and self-interest to deny coverage at policy renewal or cancel your policy immediately. After this, the burden of getting new insurance will fall on you.

Why do car insurance companies cancel policies?

As we stated, your insurance company can drop you if you violate the terms of conditions of your policy. Here are some common violations:

  • License suspension
  • Frequent claims
  • High claims payout, especially bodily injury or medical payments
  • Owning high-performing or altered vehicles
  • Failure to provide necessary documentation
  • Any combination of all of the above

Some minor infractions may not trigger a policy cancellation. If you forget to sign a document, your insurance company will most likely reactivate your policy after you sign the document. If, however, you fail to turn in documentation of previous insurance history because you don’t have any insurance history, you could be denied coverage from that company. Many companies, such as Farmers, require you have 6 months of continuous coverage in order to purchase a policy.

What happens next?

You have a lot of options after your coverage is dropped. First, ensure you have a clear answer as to why your policy was dropped. This way, if it is something small such as missing a payment or failing to turn a document it, you can make amends and restart your coverage.

If your policy was canceled and you’re unable to reactivate it, you should consider non-standard car insurance companies. Many major insurance companies carry the same thresholds for uninsurability. Meaning, if Progressive non-renewed you because of too many claims, Allstate might not issue you a policy for the same reason. However, non-standard companies might be more willing to insure you.

A non-standard company is, to put it simply, an insurance company specifically designed for drivers with high-risk rating factors. Bear in mind that non-standard companies might not offer the same level of coverage you once received through a major insurer. This could mean coverage no longer extending to rental cars, to “permissive users” — people who use your vehicle irregularly but would be covered in the event of an accident — or covering other circumstances. It’s important to read the fine print to understand what you are and are not covered for.

Now what? How to buy insurance after having your policy canceled

Just because one insurance company didn’t want you, doesn't mean they all won't. Shopping around and assessing as many companies as possible will help you find the best insurance rate after your cancelation. Only with The Zebra can you compare hundreds of different companies at once — standard and non-standard alike. We’ll get you covered again.

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Cheap Car Insurance for Canceled Policies

Car insurance rate went up after leaving the country

One of the big rating factors companies look at is whether or not you are currently insured and have been for the past six months. When you canceled your policy to go out of the country, this caused a lapse in coverage.

Finding car insurance with a long violation and ticket history

Even with a bad driving record, there are still plenty of options out there for cheap rates and excellent coverage with your car insurance. In fact, you can find most of them with us, at The Zebra.

My home insurance company won't give us a refund

I would ask to speak to a supervisor. If you have a policy that is effective March 22nd, your previous insurance company should allow you to cancel the policy to that day and the remaining premium should be refunded to you.

How do I recover my refund if I canceled a policy the day after the renewal?

Most states have a law about recovering unearned premium from insurance providers. Meaning that if you cancel your policy after you've paid your premium, especially at a renewal, you should be able to collect a refund for any days you've paid for after the policy is canceled.