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At SafeAuto, we strive to provide caring and professional customer service 24/7, and to help make insurance affordable to every driver, no matter the situation. We provide you flexibility to access your accounts and make payments online, by phone, or through our mobile app. We offer convenience through our hassle-free automatic payments and immediate proof of insurance when you insure with us.

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Safe Auto, headquartered in the great city of Columbus, OH, was founded in 1993. Its financial strength rating–aka its money-flexing muscle power to keep your assets safe–is . On the other hand, its J.D. Power rating, which measures customer satisfaction around the handling of claims, is Not Rated out of 5. A higher J.D. Power Rating is a good indicator that a carrier will treat you well should something go wrong. Which is exactly what insurance is for, right? See more on J.D. Power ratings here.




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