Best Car Insurance for Same-Sex Married Couples

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What is car insurance for same-sex married couples?

To an insurance company, the best client is a married homeowner. Statistically, they are less likely to file a claim and more likely to share driving responsibilities with their spouse. All of which equates to a less expensive customer. And since 2015, same-sex couples have the legal right to marry in the US and thus the right to these insurance-related benefits. Let’s break down car insurance for same-sex couples.

How much do married drivers pay

Insurance companies see married clients as more financially secure and less of a risky investment. Because of this, married couples save an average of 5.6% annually on their car insurance, or about $74/year. These discounts only factor the simple change of status from “single” to “married” — not the myriad of other factors that change when you get married, such as adding an additional vehicle or a homeowners policy.

Marital StatusAverage 6-month premium

Am I treated the same as a straight married couple?

Although insurance is state-regulated, the Supreme Court caseObergefell v. Hodgessupersedes that authority and thus gives same-sex couples every legal right to marriage that comes with it. So, if you are a married same-sex couple,the same insurance rights and laws are owed to you.If, however, you feel they are being denied, speak with the Insurance Commissioner of your state.

When to keep car insurance policy separated from spouse

Most couples go ahead and add their married partner to their policy for a number of reasons we will discuss. Still, it's still worth it to play Devil’s Advocate and explore the different reasons you might not want to add them to your policy.


Have a bad driving record

Lots of speeding tickets, at-fault accidents, or citations will cause both you and your spouse’s rates to be high because they are being rated on your policy, or you on theirs. Having separate policies ensure you are not rated for anyone else’s driving habits.


Have poor credit

Most insurance companies and most states use your credit score as a determining factor for your premium. Just like having a poor driving record, having a low credit score can negatively impact your premium significantly.


Have an expensive car

If you drive a Honda Civic but your significant other drives a Ferrari, you should expect a significant difference in your premiums. Your insurance company has to soften the risk of insuring such a high-value car by charging a high premium. If you’re worried about footing the bill for their fancy and expensive car, think about getting your own policy.

When do add husband or wife to car insurance policy?

However, at the end of the day, splitting policies might even be an option at all! Some insurance companies won’t allow two separate policies within the same household as a matter of policy. That being said, some states and companies allow a small degree of flexibility for the primary drivers (i.e., who will be rated on the policy.) In this case, if the driver with the best driving is the primary driver of the Ferrari, you might see some insurance savings.



Discounts like multi-vehicle and multi-policy are great ways to save on auto insurance.



Probably the biggest reason to group your policies is simply that it is so much easier to deal with each month! Even if your insurance company does allow you to separate your policies, you risk not having coverage on the policy you are not named on. Plus, if you're on the same policies, you only have to worry about paying one bill!

So, what's next?


Car insurance for same-sex married couples, at the end of the day, is the same as it is for married couples. There are odds and ends to consider that unmarried couples don’t always have to think about.Because you are married, you need to consider if you should keep your policy as it was prior to your marriage (potentially a single person policy), or if it makes sense to merge them. In most cases, straight or gay, it's best to merge the policies to avoid any headaches or confusion with your policy. Shop for car insurance here!

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Recent Questions:

Best Car Insurance for Same-Sex Married Couples

Can another driver file a claim on my insurance if they were hit by someone else driving my vehicle?

Since insurance coverage follows your vehicle then your policy would pay primary for damage caused by your car even if someone else was driving. That being said, it is possible that through the details of the accident the other driver could very well be considered at fault, in which case, the other driver's insurance policy should cover the damage to your car.

Can I get insurance on a car my girlfriend owns?

The vehicle will need to be insured at the address where it stays the majority of the time. Also in Florida, since registered vehicles must be insured by the person who owns them, your girlfriend will probably need to be listed as an additional driver on your policy before a company will offer coverage.

Will my boyfriend be covered while driving my vehicle if he isn't listed on my policy?

In Michigan, each driver is responsible for damage to their vehicle so the person who was hit would need to file a claim with their own insurance company. Unless your vehicle is also damaged and you want it repaired, you wouldn't need to contact your insurance company as the other driver would have to file a claim with their company anyway.

If my girlfriend is moving in with me, should we get separate renters insurance policies?

Here is a good article on sharing renters insurance with a roommate. In my personal opinion, sharing a policy with any person who isn't a spouse is not a good idea.