Carrollton Car Insurance

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May 30, 2018

Car Insurance in Carrollton

It is especially vital to cut costs while insuring a vehicle in Carrollton because premiums in Texas are recognized for being pricey. They are generally $383 greater than the national average. Who doesn't like to save money? Check out some tips about how to save on car insurance in Carrollton.

  • City Average: $1,858
  • State Average: $1,810
  • National Average: $1,427

Carrollton Car Insurance by Age

Teenage drivers have the highest rates of any age group, with typical car insurance payments of $6,106. The most significant fall in premiums for Carrollton drivers happens when they hit their 20s. Once out of the teenage age range, they save an average of $3,839. Turning 60 causes an increase in insurance rates, but up until that age drivers can anticipate premium reductions when they progress between age groups. Drivers in their 50s save money on insurance, as they have the smallest rates among all age groups, paying only $1,583 every year. Those in their 60s ($1,659) aren’t paying significantly more.

  • Teenagers: $6,106
  • 20s: $2,267
  • 30s: $1,829
  • 40s: $1,769
  • 50s: $1,583
  • 60s: $1,659
  • 70s: $2,078

Carrollton Car Insurance by Gender and Marital Status

Both marital status and gender can have an effect on your car insurance premiums in Carrollton. However, premiums are barely more costly for men than for women. Men generally pay 1% more than women each year for insurance. In your city, marital status actually has a substantial impact on premiums. Being single can cost you around $190 more per year compared to being married. Rates for those who are widowed are also significantly cheaper than rates for those who are single.

  • Female: $1,841
  • Male: $1,858
  • Single: $1,858
  • Married: $1,669
  • Divorced: $1,858
  • Widowed: $1,682

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Carrollton Car Insurance by Accident or Violation History

Possessing a clean driving record is crutial if you want to keep your car insurance rates low. Car insurance is an average of $943 more per year in Carrollton if you have an at-fault accident on your driving record. Many people look at speeding as a minor offense, but getting pulled over for speeding (16-20mph over the limit) costs you extra $79 per year in insurance premiums.

  • DUI: $2,643
  • Reckless Driving: $2,580
  • At-fault Accident (damages less than $1000): $2,801
  • At-fault Accident (damages greater than $2000): $2,801
  • Speeding Ticket (16-20 mph over speed limit): $1,937

Carrollton Car Insurance by Credit Rating

Average car insurance premiums in Carrollton for individuals with Very Poor credit (300-579) are over double the premiums for those with Exceptional credit (800-850). In terms of percent change, moving from Very Good (740-799) to Exceptional (800-850) hands over the largest percent decrease in premiums to drivers, as they save nearly 20% per year.

  • Very Poor: $3,243
  • Fair: $2,746
  • Good: $2,278
  • Very Good: $1,921
  • Exceptional: $1,538