What's the Cost of Car Insurance in Honolulu?

Premiums in Hawaii, which sit under the national average by 31%, are known for being low-cost. While premiums in in Honolulu are also relatively low, it is still imperative to cut costs while insuring a vehicle. Review our ways to save on Honolulu car insurance and save money.

City AverageState AverageNational Average

Honolulu Car Insurance After an Accident or Moving Violation

By knowing which driving mishaps can make the expense of premiums spike, you can make better decisions and save money. Drivers with a DUI in Honolulu need to spend 3.4x more than the city average to insure their vehicle. Reckless driving will also bump your rates up, with average rates of $5,260. That is 385% higher than the city average! The amount of damage that results from an accident impacts insurance rates. When comparing rates for drivers with at-fault accidents in Honolulu, those with damages exceeding $2,000 pay $281 more than those with damages less than $1,000.

Violation/IncidentAverage Annual Premium
Reckless Driving$5,260
At-fault Accident (damages less than $1,000)$1,208
At-fault Accident (damages greater than $2,000)$1,489
Speeding Ticket (16-20 mph over speed limit)$1,193

Honolulu Car Insurance by Age Bracket

Teenage drivers are the ones who pay the most in car insurance premiums, with rates of $1,152 on average. When Honolulu drivers hit their 20s, therefore moving out of the teenage age bracket, they pay $68 less in premiums. You won't see a larger gap between any other age group. In Honolulu, turning 40 means a rise in premiums. Up until then, moving from one age group to the next means decreasing prices. Everybody loves to save money, and luckily for drivers in their 70s, they do just that! They have the lowest car insurance payments among any age group, with rates of $1,084/year. However, those in their 30s and 30s aren't paying that much more, with premiums of $1,084 and $1,084, respectively.

AgeAverage Rate

* Credit score, while used in other states, is considered discriminatory in Hawaii and is therefore not used as a rating factor when determining how much you'll pay for auto insurance.

* In Honolulu, neither gender nor marital status influence insurance rates.

What drives up car insurance rates in Honolulu?

Where you live in Honolulu affects your car insurance rates. Besides your driving history and credit score, where you live is one of the biggest contributing factors to the car insurance rates you'll pay. The reason? Crime, theft and uninsured motorists vary by zip code. So if you find yourself in a neighborhood that doesn’t play well with others, car insurance companies may consider you a high risk to insure, meaning: your rates could be higher than those of a pal who lives just around the block. And, unfortunately Honolulu is no exception to the rule. From zip code 96813 to 96818, premiums rise by 0 percent—that’s $4.

Expensive Honolulu Zip Codes: 96859, 96850, 96844, 96826, 96818

Cheap Honolulu Zip Codes: 96813, 96814, 96815, 96816, 96817

Honolulu Driving Conditions

Inclement weather goes hand in hand with wet brakes, slick roads & decreased visibility.

And that's not the worst of it. Each year there are more than 700,000 weather-related car accidents. In Honolulu, you can expect 170 rainy days with an annual rainfall of 41 inches. Honolulu is also known to experience tropical storms. You can check on the condition of the roads anytime here.


Rainy Days a Year


Avg. Annual Rainfall


Avg. Annual Snowfall

Be Prepared For

Driving in Honolulu

Major Highways
Kamehameha Highway Pali Highway Farrington Highway
Public Transit
Honolulu Bus

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Recent Questions:

Honolulu Car Insurance

Do I have to prove a driver was uninsured?

Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do about not wanting to get another driver who is uninsured in trouble. At the end of the day, your insurance might require you show proof of an uninsured motorist in which case it is in your best interest to give as much information as possible to your company.

Should I file an insurance claim?

Here are a few things to consider: You have up to 2 years in Hawaii to file a property damage claim with your insurance provider. It's always best to file a claim as quickly as possible so your insurance company can best assess the damage on your vehicle, however you technically can file a claim up to 2 years from the date of the damage. Since the damage on your car came from 2 different incidents you will be required to file 2 claims and pay 2 different deductibles.