You tell us about yourself and what you need to insure.

With just your zip code and a car model, The Zebra starts showing car insurance quotes. These update in real time as you add other information such as your age, driving record, and credit score. The more info you enter, the higher the accuracy of the quotes, as insurance companies look at a bunch of factors to assess risk and determine pricing.

We work with top insurance companies to get you quotes.

The Zebra is not an insurance company. We source quotes from over 200 insurance companies so you can compare them side by side. We're independent and don’t have a stake in matching people with certain car insurance companies, so we can offer transparency and objective recommendations, allowing you to review all your options and determine the best fit for your needs, and allowing insurance companies to match with the drivers they best serve.

BEST RATE $28/mo

We simplify insurance shopping.

The Zebra collects all the resources you need to make an informed shopping decision. Car insurance can be a big expense—and a complicated one, as it varies by state and by driver. The Zebra is the only car insurance marketplace that has the technology to compare every top insurance company across all 50 states. We also offer information on coverage limits and applicable insurance companies in your state, as well as scores for claims satisfaction, customer service, and more.

You select the best quote for you and secure it right away online or with our agents.

The Zebra’s friendly team of experienced, licensed insurance agents is ready and waiting to talk through coverage options and make sure you find the right fit. The Zebra can also connect you directly with agents at the insurance companies. Once your information (registered address, driving record, and credit history, etc.) is verified and coverage is selected, you’re good to go. Happy driving!

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