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UPC Insurance review for 2021

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3 Rating from The Zebra

UPC Insurance is an insurance company specializing in homeowners insurance. Also known as United Property and Casualty, the company has been in business since 1999. In 2018, subsidiary Journey Insurance was launched to further their home and commercial property offerings, though the division of these companies is rather unclear as claims still go through UPC. 

UPC Insurance currently writes policies in 12 U.S. states, primarily along the Gulf Coast and eastern seaboard. The company’s vision is to be “the premier provider of property insurance in catastrophe exposed areas,” catering to coastal areas in which other insurers may be reticent to write policies. Find out more about the company in our review, which includes information on UPC's coverage options and third-party ratings.

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JD Power Rating — N/A: J.D. Power does not currently have a rating assessing UPC Insurance's customer satisfaction.

Financial strength — N/A:UPC Insurance is not rated, though its subsidiary Journey Insurance received a rating of “excellent” from AM Best. 

NAIC Rating — Below average: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) received more customer complaints than average regarding UPC Insurance.

JD Power Rating — N/A: J.D. Power does not currently have a rating assessing UPC Insurance's customer satisfaction.

Financial strength — N/A:UPC Insurance is not rated, though its subsidiary Journey Insurance received a rating of “excellent” from AM Best. 

NAIC Rating — Below average: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) received more customer complaints than average regarding UPC Insurance.

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UPC homeowners insurance coverage options

UPC and its subsidiary Journey Insurance are designed for those in high-risk areas, particularly those vulnerable to hurricanes and flooding. We’ll assess the two entities together, as Journey Insurance seems to work in tandem with UPC, even utilizing the same claims department, according to the UPC website.

UPC Insurance is rare among home insurers in that it actively operates in high-risk areas. It’s also unique in that it is one of the relatively few private insurance companies to offer flood insurance, though it is actually offered through a private flood insurer and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Still, policyholders can still expect the basic coverage options found on most standard policies. These include the following:

  • Dwelling: The primary structure of your home and any connected structures (attached garage, fence, etc.)
  • Other structures: Unattached buildings like sheds, free-standing garages or fences.
  • Personal property: This includes your possessions and is typically 50% of your dwelling coverage limit.
  • Liability: This covers you in the event that you cause damage to another person or if they are injured on your property.
  • Additional living expenses: In the event that a covered peril renders your home uninhabitable, this coverage will pay for a hotel, transportation or other expenses incurred while your home is being repaired.
  • Medical payments to others: This coverage is usually capped out at around $5,000 and goes toward paying for injuries that a guest sustains while on your property. 


Additional coverage options

A number of other coverage options — what UPC calls “coverage enhancements” — are available as endorsements. These options can expand your standard coverage to provide a more robust policy. While options can vary from state to state, common options include the following:


Scheduled personal property endorsement

There are certain items for which the personal property portion of your insurance policy imposes limits. Among these items are jewelry and expensive music equipment. While your policy provides coverage for these items, those with particularly valuable items should consider such an endorsement to ensure that it is fully covered. 


Home systems protection

Many of the systems in your home aren’t covered by a standard home insurance policy. Some systems — including your HVAC, security systems and appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines — can be very expensive to repair or replace. This coverage steps in to pay in the event that these systems are damaged or in need of replacement.


Service line coverage

Similar to the home systems, service lines such as plumbing, electrical wiring, and gas lines are not typically covered by your home policy and can be pricey to replace. This endorsement allows for coverage for a number of service lines that wouldn’t otherwise be covered.


Ordinance or law coverage

If your home is damaged, it’s possible that laws or building codes could increase the cost of repair. This is especially true of older homes which may be forced to undergo dramatic overhauls of certain outdated systems in order to get up to code. This coverage helps to cover the increased cost of repairs or renovations. 


Further endorsements offered explicitly under the Journey Insurance (UPC Insurance subsidiary) brand include:
  • Enhanced roof replacement
  • Inland flood protection
  • Home cyber protection
  • Home-sharing
  • Option to offer an HO-3 policy with open peril coverage for contents


UPC homeowners insurance availability

UPC homeowners insurance is available in the following states:


UPC homeowners insurance discounts

UPC offers a number of ways for policyholders to save money. Have a look at some of the homeowners insurance discount options available below. 

  • New roof discount
  • New home construction discount
  • Hip roof discount
  • Protective device discount
  • Fortified home discount
  • Companion policy discount
  • Advance quote discount
  • Renovation discount
  • Smart home - water discount
  • Payment type discount
  • Windstorm mitigation discounts
  • Senior/retiree discounts
  • Water loss prevention credit


Additional lines of insurance

Along with homeowners insurance, UPC provides the following insurance products:


Is UPC insurance right for you?

UPC Insurance isn’t for everyone. With its stated purpose of insuring those in catastrophe-prone areas, homeowners who don't reside in such areas would do well to look elsewhere. Even among coastal dwellers, some may be put off by the company’s relatively low customer service ratings. Still, hurricane-prone areas aren’t the easiest places to find good homeowners coverage, so UPC may be worth a serious look.

It’s worth considering the financial viability of an insurer who specializes in areas regularly hit by tropical storms. UPC Insurance isn’t currently rated by AM Best, though the company touts a high mark from rating agency Demotech (this agency is not used in The Zebra’s review methodology).

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