The Scariest Video Ever: What Teens Really Do When They Drive

Just try to watch this thing without cringing. Distracted driving has never looked so horrifying.

distracted driving

We all know how dangerous distracted driving is, but it turns out that seeing it in action is even more horrifying than we expected. The video in question comes from The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, which analyzed 1,700 recordings of teen drivers and compiled a video of evidence connecting distracted driving and crashes. Researchers found that distractions caused 58 percent of all crashes—where it was previously thought to have only been a 14-percent factor in teen driver crashes.

New research finds that distracted driving causes 58% of all crashes.

Researchers also found the most common forms of distraction and how often they lead to car crashes. They are as follows:

  • Interacting with other passengers—15%
  • Using a cell phone—12%
  • Looking at something within the vehicle—10%
  • Looking at something outside the vehicle—9%
  • Singing or dancing to music—8%
  • Grooming oneself—6%
  • Reaching for an object inside the vehicle—6%

The video itself has given new light to the issue by creating side-by-side footage that shows what the driver is doing as well as what the dash camera is recording. This horrifying video will have you watching between your fingers (just like our editor did), because it is so unbelievably frightening. Take a look for yourself:

This video has us cringing and makes us nervous to get back on the road. What are your thoughts on this footage and distracted driving? If you still use your phone while driving, are you now more likely to stop?