The GoPro Accessories People Are Itching For

Heard of the GoPro? Recent headlines have orders for the company's dashboard mount flying off the shelves.

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If you’re on the backend of the GoPro trend, maybe you don’t know about this tiny high-tech camera specialized for the everyday adventurer. As GoPro puts it,

“From incredibly versatile, powerful cameras, to mounts and accessories for nearly any activity, to the GoPro App and software—GoPro makes it easier than ever to capture and share your world like never before.”

Ranging in price from $129.99 for the starter cam all the way up to their most advanced “Hero 4” at a whopping $499.99, good things come in small packages when it comes to these little engines that can. From snow boarding to surfing, biking to bungee jumping—GoPro’s have captured some of the best, most viral photo and video footage. Like they said, the company not only sells cameras, but a wide (some might say, unnecessary) range of accessories to help their GoPro fanatics get the perfect angle. That’s right folks: For just $59.99, even your dog can strap on a GoPro to capture all the furry fun you ever wanted.

Recently, however, we’ve seen a wave of popularity surrounding the company’s Suction Cup mount, making it possible for you to mount the GoPro in your car, boat, motorcycle, “and more.” The mount is even proven to withstand speeds of 150+ mph. But, why the fuss?

Dash-Cam Frenzy

Over the past year, folks have been shelling out cash hand over fist to get their hands on one of these mounts. If you take a closer look into headlines of America’s recent past, its not hard to understand why. 

We all remember: Just last fall, news outlets were inundated with stories covering the tragic Michael Brown case. This incident, along with many others like it, played a heart-wrenching role in shaping the American discussion on race. Another outcome of the case, naturally, was the questioning of law enforcement. More specifically, the offering of potential tech solutions when it comes to issues of dispute. Though these cases go far deeper than just a loss and differentiating of information, folks started to wonder why officers don’t carry cameras to ensure documentation of any and all incidents that might occur. 

All this is to say, headlines like these caused people to see GoPros as personal security systems for use inside their cars. If there were some sort of dispute as to what happened in the case of an incident—they would be able to provide their own evidence. This holds true for traffic incidents as well; having video evidence could certainly stop any he-said-she-said cold in its tracks.

*More on how dash cams can help in various traffic incidents here.

Going Pro

On a lighter note, these mounts are wanted for more than just documentation. Remember that insane video of the TransAsia airplane that went flying into a river in Taiwan that went completely viral? You guessed it: captured by a dash-cam in a Taiwanese cab. Or how about that amazing dash-cam footage of the Russian meteor? These priceless captures are what many with the GoPro mount on their wish-list are hoping for.

GoPro urges us to “be a hero”—and that’s just what its biggest fans are after. A quick Google search to define the term ‘hero’ will generate something like this:

“a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.”

There is a certain nobility in seeking to defend a story in the courtroom, or craving to capture the next piece of invaluable footage to help us step into the lives of someone else. Gaining insight from the dashboard is gaining insight into our world, and GoPro is offering a solution, one dash-cam mount at a time.