The Automatic App Gallery: An App Store for your Car

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Automatic, a connected-car technology system, has recently introduced an entire gallery of apps for you and your car to…well, connect. From UnMooch to IFTTT, these apps help you to track, maintain, and socialize your wheels for ultimate integration. We’ve explained a couple of Automatic’s original applications like License+, but the company is taking integration to a new level by adopting apps from outside developers to give users a more comprehensive experience.

Automatic: An Overview

Just to review here, let’s take a look at how Automatic works. Automatic offers software that connects with your car via OBD-II dongle, offering mile tracking, gas usage, auto diagnostics, and more. Recently, the company has been adapting and expanding the software to create a more integrated connection with drivers.

Automatic is taking app-to-car integration to a new level.

For example, their License+ program offers tracking and driving advice for teens, allowing parents to utilize the software to coach their new drivers. The app store is an expansion on this idea, taking connection to new levels with more than twenty apps that connect to and through Automatic’s software and hardware. So, what exactly do they have to offer? Let’s take a closer look:


Automatic has organized the apps into a few categories, depending on how you want to browse: By theme (business, convenience, safety, performance), or by driver type (business, enthusiasts, new drivers). With 22 apps to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Here are five of The Zebra‘s favorite apps:

  • IFTTT (If This, Then That): What do you get when you mix connectivity, convenience, and your car? You guessed it—IFTTT. The app lets you create “Recipes”, allowing you to set up automatic reactions when you complete certain tasks. Automatic’s app overview explains, “Some of our favorite Recipes are opening a navigation app at the start of a trip, making Wifi connected lights flash red when you speed, or shutting the garage door when I get home. There are hundreds of pre-made Recipes to choose from and you can even make your own!”

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  • UnMooch: Sometimes-too-generous ladies and gentlemen, the app you’ve all been waiting for. UnMooch tracks trips and makes it easy for friends to contribute during carpools. The Automatic dongle tracks and adds up gas costs, and the app connects the trip to Venmo, popular payment-sharing app, to allow your friends to chip in.

  • YourMechanic: Tired of untrustworthy mechanics and days wasted waiting on your car’s repairs? So were the folks at Your Mechanic, who started the company because they believed the auto repair industry was itself broken. The service works by connecting mechanics directly with car owners in need of repair services. Mechanics choose their hourly rates, when they want to work, and the type of cars and services they’re experts in, and consumers get unprecedented flexibility as a result. Interesting fact: According to YourMechanic, the hardworking folks who are actually putting the elbow grease into fixing your vehicle? They typically make less than 20 percent of what that repair costs you. Cut out the middleman in name of transparency and saving alike.

  • Nest: If you haven’t heard of Nest yet, let’s just say we hope the moss on the underside of that rock is comfortable. The integration of the two apps allows you to do some pretty amazing stuff with your home’s temperature, namely: Nest can respond to your car’s activity thanks to fine-grained rules you can set. For example, according Automatic, “You can ask Nest to start heating up at home when you turn on the car near your office on all weekdays except Thursday between 4 and 8pm.” Amazing, right? So anytime you’re headed home, your home can get prepped for you.

  • Tripdots: Business trip expense reporting just got a lot easier thanks to the integration of TripDots and Automatic. The app allows you to automate and capture your trips easily and inexpensively (you can currently get 20 percent off your Automatic Device with the TripDots code TDOTS20), so that there’s no need to manually track your trips any longer. You can quickly tag the details of your trip directly from your phone—and then do what you do best and get back out on the road.

Have you tried any of the apps in Automatic’s app gallery yet? What other apps make your driving life easier?