The Zebra’s Carpool Party Giveaway

We're Giving Away $250 toward rides with Uber or Lyft this Summer

carpool party

Barbecues, fireworks, lakefront property (if you’re fancy) or river-side soirees (if you’re us), not to mention reunions and vacations: There’re plenty of reasons to consider summer the ultimate time for celebration. What more could you want in life than a cool beverage, warm sun, and the company of your friends? But with celebration also comes the possibility of danger, and unfortunately the numbers prove that summer is the deadliest season on the road.

In 2013, August had the highest number of fatal car accidents of any month, with 3,135. July and September each had more than 2,900 fatal accidents, as well.

Why Summer is Dangerous

There are a number of reasons why summer is particularly dangerous, according to Esurance:

  • Vacationing drivers add congestion to the road
  • More teens are not in school and therefore driving
  • Most construction efforts occur in summer, complicating driving further
  • There are more bicycles and motorcycles on the road, due to that glorious sunshine and warm weather
  • But also, the sun and excess heat can contribute to tire blowouts and engines overheating if precautions aren’t taken

The Zebra’s Carpool Party Giveaway

For these reasons, we’d like to officially-unofficially recommend using ridesharing services—or a traditional carpool, or public transportation—as often as possible this summer. The kind-of-a-bummer truth is even if you’re being safe and taking all precautions, other drivers may not be. To help reduce congestion and increase your level of fun (what’s one more mai tai when you know you’ve got a safe, sober right home?), we’re launching The Zebra’s Carpool Party Giveaway.

Carpool Party Giveaway

Entering is a breeze: Simply enter on Facebook before 5 p.m. CDT on July 3, 2015 (seriously, it’s that easy) and you could be staring at a summer’s worth of free rides to help you enjoy these three short months to the fullest. Where will you go in your Uber and Lyft rides? Whom will you catch up with, and what parties will you crash? Let us know in the comments.